Review a Pintrip Host
If you are not a member of our Facebook group Pintrippers, then you missed out. Because in the group, other Pintrippers daily writes about their good experiences with different Pintrip hosts.
So, hurry up and go join the group!

Thanks for the many great posts
It is a great pleasure to read the many daily posts in the group, and it is great to experience the great commitment among all members, both when you ask questions or help answer others. We cannot stress enough how wonderful it is that we have so many active users.
We made the group back in the spring of 2019, and we honestly had not imagined that it would have more than 5,000 members 2 later. It is fantastic!

The tone in the group
In the 2 years we have become so much wiser regarding the behavior on social media, and in particular on Facebook. Unfortunately, we must admit that we, like many other groups, companies and associations, have experienced a sad development in behavior. For us, it is clear that the limit of what people allow themselves to write has shifted, and not in a positive direction. It definitely has something to do with people sitting behind a screen and not standing face to face. Many people get carried away by the mood, especially when it is negative. Our experience is that the rhetoric can get harsh when questions are asked, tips are given, etc. We think this is a shame. Especially because it can mean that many do not dare to ask questions or be active in the group, because they feel they are being attacked. We are actually sure that more people would like to be active in Pintrippers, but don’t because of the comments on the various posts.

Jan Mattsson, who is the administrator of the Autocamper Group on Facebook, wrote an article about this very issue on 31 July 2021, and he wrote so wisely:

If you don’t have a positive comment, them simply don’t!

It is an approach that we support. Of course, you are welcome to have your own opinion, but we hope that everyone understand that everyone should be allowed to contribute, read and so on in the group without the negative tone.

We want both praise and criticism
Several have written to us or commented on other people’s posts that Pintrippers are a group that only receives praise and no criticism. We would like to put that attitude to shame. Pintrip as a company would gladly receive both praise or criticism. What we do not tolerate is that our hosts are attacked. Our hosts voluntarily accept motorhomes, because they have the desire and time, and they don’t receive any money from us. We market them in the Pintrip Guide in exchange they make pitches available for motorhomes. Our hosts are VERY different, as all Pintrippers are very different too. Therefore, two people will not perceive the same Pintrip host and Pintrip stopover in exactly the same way. Hooray for diversity!

If you experience something with a Pintrip host that you think is strange or even wrong, we would prefer if you contact us and tell us about your experience. Then we can contact the host and get on top of the situation. In return, we ask you to keep in mind that a Pintrip host is also just a human being, and therefore we urge you to show compassion and kindness, and therefore not write negative or condescending things about the host in Pintrippers or elsewhere, for instance Google or Trustpilot. Unfortunately, we have already lost Pintrip hosts this year and in previous years because some guests have behaved embarrassingly or unreasonably. It is a relatively small group that has not familiarized itself with how the concept works, and how they are expected to behave as a guest. It is to the great surprise of our hosts that you these people do not read up on the guidelines in the Pintrip Guide + know what kind of place they are visiting.

Most recently, we lost a host because he simply got tired of removing cigarette butts from the Pintrip pitches, once a broken camping chair, looking at overcrowded trash cans and a shower room in a restroom that was often not cleaned after use. He has been with us since 2019 and we have been incredibly happy with the hospitality and idyllic space he has offered our customers, but from next season it is over. In his case, the “death blow” was a 1-star review on Google, where the guest wrote that it was probably a nice place if you went fishing, but with a motorhome it was boring. It is completely unreasonable to notify a company on that basis.

We therefore again want to emphasize that the primary thing in a Pintrip membership is experiences and NOT the free accommodation. Therefore, always choose your next Pintrip host based on what interests you.

Why we delete posts
We are administrators in Pintrippers, and when we delete a post, there can be various reasons for it. It can for instance be:

  • Lack of relevance to the topic
  • Personal attacks
  • Attacks on and bad publicity of Pintrip hosts
  • Violation of the Marketing Act
  • Other breaches of the group rules

We are also human beings, and as administrators, of course, we also make mistakes. So, if you think we have deleted a post that should not have been deleted, then you are very welcome to contact us.

Should we take the lead?
Sometimes we delete a comment or a post, but overall, we experience lots of positivity, and it greatly overshadows the negative posts. We have found that our relatively short leash when it comes to accepting negative behavior has had an incredibly positive impact. But of course, we still hope that you will contribute to the good tone of Pintrippers. We want a reputation for being a place where there is a good positive tone and approach to things.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the membership valid for?

The annual membership is always valid from March 31st to March 30th the following year, but if you only need a membership for a short period, there is also the option to purchase a monthly membership. The printed guide is updated annually, while the Pintrip App is continuously updated throughout the season. It is crucial to have a valid membership to avoid visiting hosts who are no longer part of the network. Additionally, with a valid membership, you will continuously receive information about the many new hosts being added to the network during the season. By choosing a subscription, your membership will automatically renew, ensuring you always travel with a valid membership while supporting the Pintrip concept.

How many pitches do the hosts offer?

Each host offers 1-3 pitches.

Can I stay more than 24 hours at each host?

No, the Pintrip concept allows travelers to stay only for a single night at each host. This still allows you enough time to get to know the host and the location, while also giving other travelers the opportunity to benefit from the Pintrip concept.

Do the hosts accept vehicles other than motorhomes?

Yes, more than 80% of the hosts also accept rooftop tents, and approximately 45% of the hosts also accept caravans. If you are traveling in a vehicle without a toilet, you can stay overnight at around 80 Pintrip hosts that offer access to toilet facilities around the clock.

What facilities can I expect from the hosts?

Many hosts offer facilities such as power, water, toilet, shower, and similar amenities. They often charge a small fee for their facilities. Please be courteous and ask for permission, as well as clarify all conditions, before using the facilities.

Is the concept available in other countries?

Yes, the concept originated in France more than 30 years ago with France Passion. In total, 10 European countries offer the concept. For more information, visit

Do all hosts need to be contacted by phone before arrival?

No, approximately 30% of the hosts want telephone contact before you arrive, which is clearly indicated in both the book and the app with a red telephone icon. The remaining hosts do not require phone contact before arrival, so you can simply show up.

May I bring dogs?

Dogs are welcome at more than 90% of the hosts, and keeping the dog on a short leash is always required. Pay attention to the dog icon, especially the red one, which indicates the few places dogs are not allowed.

What criteria are emphasized when selecting hosts?

For us, hospitality, the quality of the products, good experiences, as well as peace and nature, are the central criteria. We are constantly looking for new hosts, and our ambassadors help with this process. However, it is most often the potential hosts who contact us to become part of the Pintrip network, not the other way around.

Can I reserve a spot in advance?

No, with the Pintrip concept, it is not possible to reserve a spot in advance. For hosts that require prior contact, you can reach out to them no earlier than 24 hours before your arrival. The Pintrip concept operates on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, if you are the fourth quest at a host who only has three spots available, you will need to find an alternative accommodation. There is often another Pintrip host nearby.

All parking spots are occupied at a host. What should I do now?

In this case, you will need to look for an alternative accommodation. There is often another Pintrip host nearby.

What should I do if I can’t reach the host?

If prior contact is required and you cannot reach the hosts, please do not visit the host. There could be various reasons why the host did not answer the phone. Most hosts will call you back if they missed your call.

Can grey and black water be emptied at the hosts?

Some hosts offer this service for a fee. Alternatively, you can use the free dumping stations provided by the Danish Road Directorate, which are listed at the back of the Pintrip guide or on the Pintrip App.

Are there benefits to being a member?

Yes, as a Pintrip member, you gain access to exclusive member benefits. You can find an overview of the current benefits here. We add new member benefits from time to time.

I have lost my vignette/membership card/changed windshield or vehicle. What should I do now?

Send an email to, and we will help you as soon as possible.

It is possible to review the hosts?

When you check in with the host on the Pintrip App, you have the opportunity to review your experience. The review is only visible to us, but we send the reviews to the host at the end of the season. We greatly appreciate your feedback. In the Facebook group “Pintripper” you can also share your Pintrip experience with other members.



How much does the Pintrip app cost?

If you purchase a membership including both the book and the app for 59,90 euros, you will receive a membership card with your membership number, which serves as access to the Pintrip app. With a Pintrip membership, you have the option to download the Pintrip app on up to 2 devices.

When you purchase a digital membership (app only) for 52,90 euros, you will receive your membership number via email, which also allows you to download the Pintrip app on up to 2 devices.

Can I purchase the Pintrip app without the physical guide?

Yes, you can purchase a digital membership (app only). Your membership number will be sent to you via email. The membership is digital and allows you to download the Pintrip app on up to 2 devices. Please note that it is your responsibility to collect your vignette from one of the approximately 50 bonus hosts.

Does the app work when I don’t have any internet connection?

Yes, Pintrip app also works offline. But it requires an internet connection when you have to activate the membership and install updates.

Do you have to install the updates?

We update the app regularly to improve and optimize the user experience. Therefore, it is important that you always install new updates.

I would like to have more functions in the app. Is that planned?

Yes, we are constantly developing the app, especially before a new season.

When can I install the new version?

You can access Pintrip app – version 2024 on March 31, 2024.

For previous members who are registered: When you open the Pintrip app after March 31, 2024 at midday, you will have the opportunity to enter your 2024 membership number. This number can be found either on the back of the physical membership card or has been sent to you via email if you have a digital membership. You will then be presented with a screen containing your information such as email, license plate, and phone number, which are already filled out with your existing data. You can make changes and then press “register” to complete the process.

For new members: Download the Pintrip app from either Google Play or the App Store. From March 31, 2024, you can access the information in the Pintrip app. Simply fill out the fields with your information, and you will be registered and ready to get started.

It is possible to purchase the Pintrip app with a subscription?

Yes, you can purchase a digital membership (app only) with a subscription. By choosing subscription, you can automatically save money on your membership for the 2025 season. The subscription is renewed automatically and can be canceled at any time.

Why can I not install the app?

Please control the phone’s operating system. If your phone’s operating system does not live up to our technical requirements, then you cannot install the app. Our requirements are Android version 9 and iOS version 13 as a minimum, older versions are not supported.

What should I do if I lose my phone and want to install the app on my new phone?

Then you must write an email to us at with your information including membership number, we will then reset your membership number, so you can sign in on a new device.

Can I use the Pintrip Guide without the app?

Of course, but if you only follow the book, it is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated on this page.

Is there support by telephone to the app?

No, sadly we cannot offer any support to the app over the telephone. If you have any problems with the app, you have to contact Send your membership number, phone model, version of your phone’s operating system, first name and last name, number plate, e-mail and phone number. Then we will help you as soon as possible. 

How many devices can I install the Pintrip app on?

Each membership allow installation on up to 2 devices.

I keep getting error messages, when I use the app. What should I do?

Please contact us on and we will help you as soon as possible. Remember to write your membership number, your phone’s model, the version of your phone’s operating system, first name and last name, license number, e-mail and phone number. 

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