Rediscover Denmark –
in your motorhome

Special moments, beautiful scenery and plenty of space are among some of
the common denominators for the many Pintrip experiences found in Denmark

Rediscover Denmark –
in your motorhome

Special moments, beautiful scenery and plenty of space are among some of
the common denominators for the many Pintrip experiences found in Denmark

What is Pintrip


With a Pintrip guidebook you can experience 250 idyllic places in Denmark, which together have more than 625 scenic stops, where you can stay for free 24 hours from the time of arrival.

All places are specially selected by Pintrip, and in the guide, the hosts each have their own page where they tell you about their place, so you can choose who you want to visit according to your interest.

Pintrip gives you access to local experiences you didn’t know existed. Visit wineries, farm shops, distilleries and small museums, and get to know the people behind.

The Pintrip guide is written in Danish, English and German and uses international pictograms and GPS information. In addition to the physical guide, the newest addition is the Pintrip App, which is a digital supplement to the guidebook. You get access to both when you buy the Pintrip Guide.

How to Pintrip

Get the Pintrip Guide 2020



You can buy the Pintrip Guide 2020 from our website or from a point of sale. We ship every weekday with Post Nord and keep you updated with your order.

Denmark – 1-3 days delivery expect weekend and holidays.
Outside Denmark the delivery time is 12-14 business days.

Buy Pintrip Guide 2020 in Denmark: 
VisitKøge, Vestergade 1, 4600 Køge, tlf. +45 69 15 61 70.
NB Jels Camper, Haderslevvej 59, 6630 Rødding, tlf. +45 74 55 21 01.
F.B. Camping Service, Industriparken 13, 6630 Rødding, tlf. +45 28 74 97 25.
Rømø Turistforening, Juvrevej 6, 6792 Rømø, tlf. +45 73 70 96 50.
SuperBrugsen Padborg, Postkontoret, Bovvej 9, 6330 Padborg, tlf. +45 74 67 31 36.
Campingparken Herning, Tjelevej 12, 7400 Herning, tlf. +45 97 26 80 55.
Silkeborg Caravan Center, Priorsvej 11, 8600 Silkeborg, tlf. +45 86 81 42 11.
Dancamper, Vegavej 8, 8700 Horsens, tlf. +45 20 75 57 97.
TJ Camper, Constantiavej 1, 8722 Hedensted, tlf. +45 22 92 26 43.
Øster Hurup Turistbureau, Havnen 2, 9560 Hadsund, tlf. +45 70 27 13 77.
Hirtshals Turistbureau, Jyllandsgade 10, 9850 Hirtshals, tlf. +45 98 94 22 20.

Price 39,90 EUR.


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