I do not have a toilet in my motorhome

You are still welcome to be a Pintrip member, but it is important that you only stay with hosts who have the toilet icon on their page. This means that there is access to a toilet around the clock. In season 2022, 80 of our more than 300 hosts will offer toilet facilities.

Of course, it does not matter if your motorhome is “born” with a toilet or you bring a portable toilet, as long as you respect that the hosts where there is no toilet icon do not want to be visited by members who do not bring their own toilet.

Of course, it is really important that you use the toilet and not nature (it’s our hosts private area). If our hosts experience that their private land is used as a toilet – in one way or another, then understandably they do not want to continue as Pintrip hosts.

In 2023 is Pintrip also for caravans and rooftop tents 

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any changes to the Pintrip Guide during the season?

Yes, there will be changes. For instance, opening hours, facilities and contact telephone number may change and there may be personal reasons why a host may have to stop before the season ends on 31.03. The Pintrip app is always updated with the latest changes, and if you only use the physical travel guide, it is your own responsibility to stay up to date with this page.

Why do I have to greet the host when I arrive?

It´s polite to say a simple hallo and goodbye to the host. It´s also central to the original principles of the scheme, when it began in France more than 25 years ago. The purpose of Pintrip is to bring visitors together with locals who are passionate about their place and their products. Moreover, you have to greet the hosts in order to show them your membership card, so they can see that you have a valid membership

Are hosts open all year round?

Yes, the vast majority of our hosts are open all year round. Please note, however, that some hosts ask that you arrive on a specific time, in accordance with their personal or professional constraints (milking the cows, work in the fields, etc.). For the same reasons a number of hosts are closed at certain periods of the year (grape-picking, harvest, holiday, etc.). At the top of each host page you can see when that host do not receive visits.

Is it obligatory to buy the host’s products?

No, you are under no obligation to buy the host´s products. If you buy something it’s obviously fantastic, but if you don’t buy anything, it’s also okay. It’s a free overnight stay, so you owe nothing to your host. However, we know that many choose to support and show interests in the places they visit by buying the host’s products, which is a nice way to say thank you for a wonderful experience and a safe, free overnight stay. But once again, you are under no obligation to buy anything from the host. 

Why can’t I book a pitch in advance?

The hosts are not camp sites, and although they are keen to invite guests inside to learn about their business and their products. Please be considerate of the everyday work of your hosts. Those hosts who require a phone call in advance are clearly marked on each host page.

I have a large motorhome. Will I be able to use the Pintrip Guide?

Yes, but there are some hosts who cannot offer large vehicles a parking pitch. Most often it is because it will be problematic to maneuver a large vehicle at the host. It is clearly stated in the Pintrip Guide on the individual host pages if vehicles over 10 m are welcome. If your motorhome is under 10 m, you are welcome at all our hosts. In the 2023 season, approx. 230 hosts welcome motorhomes over 10 m. If you drive a caravan, you have to look for the caravan icon, even if the host accepts vehicles over 10 m.

Can I use Pintrip if I have a caravan, roof tent, car, tent or similar?

Pintrip is best used with a self-sufficient vehicle, and previously Pintrip was exclusively for motorhomes, but in 2023 both rooftop tents and caravans are welcome at some of the Pintrip hosts. Tents of any kind (including pop-up tents and caravan awning tents) are not permitted. If you travel without a toilet, you can only stay overnight with hosts who have access to toilet facilities around the clock (marked with a WC icon).

Can I use last year’s Pintrip Guide or give it to a friend?

Every single Pintrip membership helps us maintain and develop the Pintrip concept. In addition, the Pintrip membership is personal and it is tied to person and vehicle, and therefore it cannot be transferred. Our income comes solely from the sale of the Pintrip Guide. Thus, your membership helps us to find new hosts, it helps us to write and publish the Pintrip Guide, and it helps us to develop the Pintrip App and website. In addition, your membership also helps ensure that we can offer you unique experiences and a safe place to spend the night in your vehicle. All of our hosts are committed to welcoming Pintrippers for one year. The current Pintrip Guide is the only one that can give you the latest information and instructions (arrival time, closing days, etc.) because it is up to date. The rules are also in place to protect the hosts who are no longer part of the Pintrip Guide, so they no longer receive visits. That’s why you cannot use last year’s Pintrip Guide this year or give it to a friend.

Can I stay for more than 24 hours at each host?

No, the concept of Pintrip is that we offer visitors to stay one night at each host. This gives you enough time to get to know the place and the host, and it also give other travellers the opportunity to the enjoy these places. 

Which facilities can I expect that the hosts have?

Please do not expect anything in advance. Nevertheless, several hosts offer different facilities, such as electricity, water, toilet and shower facilities. Keep in mind that they often charged a small fee for these facilities. Please always ask before using any facilities, because there might be rules that you have to follow. 

How long is the vignette and membership card valid?

The season always runs from the 31st of March to the 31st of March the following year, and the vignette and membership card is also valid during this period. All the information about the hosts is updated once a year. Please always travel with the latest edition of Pintrip. You are not only supporting the idea of Pintrip, but it also ensures that certain problems can be avoided, for example that you don’t visit a host, who no longer is a Pintrip host. Your Pintrip membership is personal and it is tied to person and vehicle, and it cannot be transferred. 

Can I use Pintrip if I rent a vehicle?

Yes, you can use Pintrip if you rent a vehicle because membership is personal and tied to the person and motorhome. If you rent several vehicles throughout the season, you need a new vignette and a new membership card each time you change vehicles. We will be happy to send it to you against a handling fee of 100 DKK and information about your address. For this, we need a photo of the rental contract from the first and second rental car, a photo of the vignette har you have removed from the windscreen, and a photo of the membership card that you wish to cancel.

How many pitches do each host offer?

Each host offers between 1-3 pitches.

Are there networks like Pintrip in other countries?

Yes, the concept exists in 10 countries in Europe. See all of them on www.fefi.eu

Can I buy a membership that is valid for several countries?

No, although we work closely with the 9 other European countries across national borders, each country requires membership. See the other European travel and experience guides on www.fefi.eu

I cannot reach the host by telephone, which they require. What do I do now?

Do not just drive to the host if they want telephone contact and you cannot reach them. In that case, drive on, but remember there can be many reasons why the host does not pick up the phone, and often the host will call you back.

All pitches at a host are occupied. What do I do now?

It is a situation that rarely occurs. If this happens, find another stopover for the night. Often there is another Pintrip host nearby who can offer you a pitch for the night.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome at more than 90% of our hosts, but they must always be on a short leash.

What criteria are used to select the host?

Among other things, we select our hosts of the following criteria: hospitality, good products, nature, location and peace and quiet. In addition, it is important for us that the hosts really know what it means to be a Pintrip host, and that they want to share their place with others.

Can I rate the hosts?

Yes, you can. For instance, you can register your visits along the way by checking in/out digitally. When you check in/check out you can also rate a host. The rating is internal, and can only be seen by you and by Pintrip. You can also write to us on pintrip@pintrip.eu.

Can I set up camping equipment?

If there is enough room for it, you are allowed to set up camping equipment. Please ask the host if it’s all right before you set up chairs, table etc. Please remember to take the camping equipment inside for the night.

Can I use the Pintrip Guide without a toilet in my motorhome?

Yes, you can, but you are only allowed to stay with hosts with a listed toilet icon. The toilet icon means that there is access to the toilet 24/7 - around the clock, and this is the case with 80 of our hosts in season 2023. A large part of the hosts also has a toilet available during opening hours, but not when they are closed.

Where do I get rid of black and grey water in Denmark?

We have received access to all information about the Danish Highway Agency’s service stations in Denmark, and in the back of Pintrip Guide you will find a list showing some of the service stations. They can either be an area with a grate in the middle or some kind of bowl. In both cases black and grey water can be emptied and they are free to use. We recommend the Pintrip App for a full overview and updated information.

Can you get a new vignette if you get a new motorhome or replace your windscreen?

Your membership is tied to person and vehicle. Since you write your number plate on your membership card and put the vignette at the windscreen, you need a new vignette and a new membership card when you change vehicle or get a new number plate. We will be happy to send it to you against a handling fee of 100 DKK and information about your delivery address. For this we need a photo of both registration certificates, a photo of the vignette that you have removed from the windscreen and a photo of the membership card that you wish to cancel.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a stone hit your windscreen, remember to take a picture of the vignette showing the number plate of your vehicle. Send it to us by email and we will send you a new vignette within 1-2 days. For this service, we charge a handling fee of 100 DKK. If you forget to take a picture of the vignette, you must buy a new membership.



What does the App cost?

Until the end of season 2022, the Pintrip app was a digital supplement to the Pintrip Guide. In future when you buy a physical membership, you will still be sent a membership card with a printed membership number, which works for the Pintrip app. The membership number is unique and allows you to download the Pintrip app on 2 devices.

From season 2023, it is possible to buy a digital membership for 399 DKK. In this case the membership card is digital and the membership number is unique and allows you to download the Pintrip app on 2 devices.

Can I buy the app without buying the guide?

From season 2023, it is possible to buy a digital membership for 399 DKK. In this case the membership card is digital and the membership number is unique and allows you to download the Pintrip app on 2 devices.

Does the app work when I don’t have any internet connection?

Yes, Pintrip app also works offline. But it requires an internet connection when you have to activate the membership and install updates.

Do you have to install the updates?

We update the app regularly to improve and optimize the user experience. Therefore, it is important that you always install new updates.

I would like to have more functions in the app. Is that planned?

Yes, we are constantly developing the app, especially before a new season.

When can I install the new version of the app?

Pintrip App – version 2023 is available from 31.03.23.


Former members who are registered: when you open the app after 31st of March 12 noon, you have to enter your 2023 membership number that you can find on the back of your 2023 membership card or have been sent by email if you have purchased a digital membership. Next, an image will appear with e-mail, number plate and telephone number – it is pre-filled with your current data. You can correct the information and press register, and then the membership is up and running.

New members: download the Pintrip app. From 31st of March, you have access to the information on the app. Just fill out the fields with the required information, and you are registered and the membership is up and running.


Why can I not install the app?

Please control the phone’s operating system. If your phone’s operating system does not live up to our technical requirements, then you cannot install the app. Our requirements are Android version 9 and iOS version 13 as a minimum, older versions are not supported.

What should I do if I lose my phone and want to install the app on my new phone?

Then you must write an email to us at support@pintrip.eu with your information including membership number, we will then reset your membership number, so you can sign in on a new device.

Can I use the Pintrip Guide without the app?

Of course, but if you only follow the book, it is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated on this page.

Is there support by telephone to the app?

No, sadly we cannot offer any support to the app over the telephone. If you have any problems with the app, you have to contact support@pintrip.eu. Send your membership number, phone model, version of your phone’s operating system, first name and last name, number plate, e-mail and phone number. Then we will help you as soon as possible. 

On how many units can I install the app?

Each membership includes 2 app accesses.

I keep getting error messages, when I use the app. What should I do?

Please contact us on support@pintrip.eu and we will help you as soon as possible. Remember to write your membership number, your phone’s model, the version of your phone’s operating system, first name and last name, license number, e-mail and phone number. 

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