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Get your own 2019 edition of the Pintrip Guide!

Get to know Denmark away from the usual tourists’ routes. This guidebook is the perfect way to get to know all the good things that Denmark has to offer.
At the more than 180 places you can enjoy the rural country life with your motorhome. The Pintrip Guide is for people who love Danish coziness and the Nordic atmosphere. You have the chance to taste locale specialties, where they are produced, and receive locale insider tips.

You can for instance visit whiskey distilleries, beer breweries, glassblowers and potters, and get to know these people.

The Pintrip Guide is written in Danish, English and German, and it use international pictograms and GPS-information. The guidebook is exclusively for people who have a motorhome.

Together with the guidebook you will receive the 2019 vignette (31.03.2019-31.03.2020), so you can stay for 24 hours at each location throughout Denmark.

The more than 180 hosts altogether have 458 stops, where you can enjoy the nature and some peace and quiet in wonderful, rural surroundings.


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