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If you want to give a Pintrip Guide 2021 membership as a gift, you can purchase a gift card.

Once your order has been processed, you will receive a coupon code by mail. We will also send you a gift certificate on a PDF file that you can print.

The gift certificate must be redeemed on our website, and it includes a Pintrip Guide 2021 + shipping.

NOTE: The membership starts on 31.03.21, the same date the Pintrip App for season 2021 is available. If you want to use Pintrip’s stopovers before 31.03.21, it requires a 2020 membership.

You can read more about Pintrip and the concept below.

You will get following coupon(s) when you buy this item:

  • Giftcard of 52.90 


With a Pintrip guidebook you can experience 300 idyllic places in Denmark, which together have more than 750 scenic stops, where you can stay for free 24 hours from the time of arrival.

All places are specially selected by Pintrip, and in the guide, the hosts each have their own page where they tell you about their place, so you can choose who you want to visit according to your interest.

Pintrip gives you access to local experiences you didn’t know existed. Visit wineries, farm shops, distilleries and small museums, and get to know the people behind.

The Pintrip guide is written in Danish, English and German and uses international pictograms and GPS information.

With the guide you will receive this year's vignette and membership card (31.03.21 - 31.03.22)* and access to the Pintrip app with updated information about the hosts, and also information about sanistations in Denmark **

* A Pintrip membership is personal and is tied to person and motorhome, and it cannot be transferred.
** The printed membership number on the membership card serves as access to the Pintrip app. The membership number is unique and can only be used on 1 unit. Minimum app requirements are Android version 6 and iOS version 11, older versions are not supported.


The Danish coronavirus information site


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