Dear Pintrippers,

Finally, the day is here, where we can announce that the Pintrip app is online. We hope that you will give it a warm welcome.

You can download the app via our website on either iPhone or Android.

You will probably have some questions now or after you downloaded the app, but don’t worry, because on the exact same page you will find the answers to all these questions. 

You are always more than welcome to write to us on, but please read the section with “frequently asked questions” before you do, because the answer to your question might already be there.

In regards to the current situation with coronavirus in Denmark, we refer to Rigspolitiets hjemmeside where you can ready about the latest news and developments. We urge you to follow the current guidelines that change all the time.
We hope that we soon can welcome back foreign Pintrippers to Denmark. Remember it’s still possible to buy the Pintrip Guide on our website, and we ship daily.

Best regards,