Dear Pintrippers,

The summer is almost here, and soon it is June. We hope that we will have a lovely warm and dry summer, just like last year. If we believe the professional weather people, then we have something to look forward too, because in June and July the temperatures should be between 20 and 25 degrees. If that is true, then we can look forward too many warm and long summer days – and a lot of Pintrip trips.

Remember to update your Pintrip Guide with the latest changes.

On our website you can find the calendar with events and old newsletters.

Friday Giveaway
We have had our Friday giveaway for several weeks now, and we have already announced 3 lucky winners: Lisa Vangsgaard Rasmussen from Denmark won season tickets to Lille Malunds Have, Ellen Kalland Ellefsen from Norway won a unique fishing experience for 4 persons to Kaldred Put and Take, and Marianne Rna Wils from Denmark won 2 jars of world champion honey. Throughout the summer we will have a new giveaway every Friday, and we have many wonderful prices, so remember to participate.

Photo Competition
You can also win next years edition of the Pintrip Guide by participating in our monthly photo competition. We have already received many wonderful photos, and you still have time to participate in our May competition. Each month we will select a winner, that is chosen as this month’s winner, and the winner will win free membership of next year’s Pintrip Guide. We will also choose a number of the received photos that we will post on our social media accounts.

Frequently asked questions
During the start of the season, we have received many questions. We will appreciate if you either write or call us directly, so we can help you right away if that is needed. Otherwise we can see that you are helping each other in the group Pintrippers on Facebook. We do not have many rules in the group, except that you keep a good tone and all posts have to be related to Pintrip.

“What should I do with the windscreen sticker, if I need to change the windshield or buy a new motorhome. I understand that the windscreen sticker is my membership?”
– Yes, it is correct that the windscreen sticker is a part of your membership, and it follows you and your car. We will happily give you a new windscreen sticker, but you have to send us the old windscreen sticker, and then right away we will send you a new one.

“How much time in advance should I contact the hosts that want that?”
– You only need to contact the hosts who request it. You must contact them a day in advance and ask if there is an available pitch. If you somehow are prevented from using the pitch, then please call and cancel.

“Can the Pintrip stopovers be used by everyone with a motorhome? Because we like the concept and we would like to use the stopovers, but we are not members of Pintrip, so can we use the stopovers anyway?”
– No, you need to have the travel guide and the windscreen sticker in order to use the unique Pintrip stopovers. A few of our hosts also have a paid parking space, and then you must pay with them directly. But if you arrive with the Pintrip windscreen sticker in the windshield of our motorhome, then you can park for free for 24 hours.

“What do I do, if I cannot reach a host on the phone?”
– Our hosts often have a very busy day, and they are not always on their phone, so you have to call a couple of times. If you cannot reach the host, then please find another pitch for the night. We urge you not to arrive unannounced.

Dogs are welcome
At these hosts the translation in English wrongly say that dogs are not allowed (the Dog icon is marked at the host). But you are more than welcome to bring your dog on leash at these hosts, they are just not allowed into the inn, museum, garden etc.

– Skarregaard, Page 37
– Birgittelyst Kro, Page 77
– Ballum Slusekro, Page 148
– Genforenings- og grænsemuseet, Page 152
– Kirke Hørup Stationskro, Page 166
– Vitsøhus, Page 182
– Aagaard Kro, Page 188

We are searching for more members to our German speaking group on Facebook. Please become a member of the group, and if you have some hidden German talents, then please share your experiences in the group, so our German neighbors can read them to.
Tip a Friend
Invite your friends to join the Pintrip universe. Perhaps they need to read a little bit more about all the wonderful experiences in the group, before they make their final decision about become a Pintripper themselves. The number of members in our Facebook group Pintrippers is growing every day, and we are so thrilled about this, but we really would love to see more people joining the group.
Please remember to tell your friends that they should write down your name in the remarks when they buy the book, because if 3 of your friends write down your name when they order, then you are entitled to get free membership of Pintrip next year.
All the best summer wishes

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