Dear Pintrippers,

The Summer is here, and we are almost in July. The strawberry fields at our hosts are full of strawberries, and are there something more delicious than freshly picked strawberries with cream and sugar? Or what about new, small Danish potatoes with dill and cold butter?

We hope that you have been at many lovely trips so far with Pintrip, and have planned more in the near future. Our hosts all over Denmark have told us that you are using Pintrip to a high extent and are enjoying the unique experiences, which is wonderful to hear. We are not only receiving feedback from you about your experiences, but we are also receiving feedback from the hosts, who enjoy your visits very much.

OBS!  Occasionally, we still have to make some changes, so please update your Pintrip Guide before departure. We also include the date, whenever we make a change, so it is easy for you to see it, whenever new changes pop up.

Questionnaire about Pintrip
Help us to become even better and fill out a short questionnaire here.

New Hosts Season 2020
Right now we are in the middle of getting new hosts to the next season, and it is very exciting, but also time consuming. We are travelling throughout the country as much as we possibly can, and slowly (but certainly), the parts of Denmark that doesn’t have many hosts, is beginning to be filled up with “pins”. We are focusing primarily on Zealand, Funen and the smaller islands at the moment. You guys are also doing a great job in terms of recommending Pintrip stopovers. Thank you.

We spend a lot of time explaining, what it means to be a host, and what the host can expect by becoming a part of Pintrip. It means a lot to us that the hosts knows exactly what they agree upon. One of our main functions as Pintrip is to create the connection between guest and host, and at the same time ensure the host that the Pintrip guests also know exactly how the concept works. Therefore it is so important that, you as a guest, read the first few pages in the Pintrip Guide, and thereby are aware of how the concept works. Because if the rules are not abide by, then in the worst case scenario it can have a big influence on whether or not new and old hosts will be a part of Pintrip in the future, and that is a shame.

Pintrip Icons/Pictogram
In the upper right corner on every page in the Pintrip Guide, it shows what facilities you can expect at each location + other practical information.

  • If a receiver is pictured, then you HAVE to call earlier before arrival, and earliest the day before.
  • If the host doesn’t reply, then you have to find another place to spend the night. You cannot turn up unannounced no matter what.
  • Facilities (power, water etc.) can be used by appointment with the host, and the toilet can only be used on the stopovers, where the icon shows it. Be aware that often the toilet can only be used during opening hours.
  • The number of Pintrip pitches must be respected, but of course you are always welcome to ask, but at the stopovers where there are no hosts, then naturally you can only park the number of motorhomes, which is noted in the Pintrip Guide.

Photo Competition
Send a picture of your motorhome at one of the Pintrip stopover and include a small text to, then you are participating in our monthly photo competition, where you can win next year’s Pintrip Guide. We draw one winner each month.

Must be put in the windshield of your motorhome, as one of the first thing, when you receive the book. It is the proof of your Pintrip membership along with the Pintrip Guide. The membership is personal, as it follows “man and motorhome”, which means that several motorhomes cannot share a membership. Besides the sale of the Pintrip Guide is our only income, and it contributes to the development of the concept.

There is so much activity in our Facebook group, and you guys are really good at sharing your experiences. We have just reached 1000 members, and therefore we have made a competition, where you can win next year’s edition of the Pintrip Guide, and a lovely bottle of rosé from Dyrehøj Vingård. Please join the group, and feel free to invite your motorhome friends into the groups as well.
We also a German speaking group (Pintrippers deutschsprachig)

As you know, the Pintrip Guide is the first one of its kind in Denmark, so neither guests nor hosts have much experiences with the stopovers. Thus we hope that all guests will make it an unforgettably, good experience for our hosts to welcome you. Always greet your host and say goodbye. If the hosts are not at home, then leave a small note. It means so much to them, just as it means everything to us that everyone has a great experience here on our first trip with Pintrip.

All the best Summer Greetings,


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