Dear Pintrippers,

Thank you so much for the lovely pictures and stories that you share in the Facebook group Pintrippers. It’s a pleasure to read about your Pintrip experiences.  

We are proud of the diversity in the Pintrip Guide. All the hosts truly have a great passion for whatever they are doing. From the small farm shop with maybe just a small selection of products – to the large winery, who is world-renowned, and who sell products all around the world.

Personally, we have visited all the hosts, expect for a very few, and the diversity of the hosts are very unique. As a guest you get a look behind the scene and experience the authentic Denmark. This is exactly what we love, and we really loved it when we were travelling with France Passion in France and with Landvergnugen in Germany.

The Pintrip hosts offer 1-3 pitches, because they would like to invite you in and show you what they are doing. For instance, we have guaranteed our hosts that when a person travel with Pintrip, then as a rule, they travel with everything and is not depended on toilet facilities, shower facilities or disposal of garbage. Some of the stopovers have these facilities, and then it is illustrated in the Pintrip Guide. At these locations, you have to settle directly with the host. These have different types of standards, but remember it is optional.

Thank you for familiarize yourself with the host in the Pintrip Guide, so you know exactly what to expect + to announce your arrival, where it is required. Altogether this help to ensure that everyone have positive and wonderful experiences with Pintrip.

Questionnaire about Pintrip
Remember to participate in the competition about winning a lovely shoulder bag from Fjällräven, you just have to fill out this small questionnaire.  

The winner of our Photo Competition in July
Thank you for all the contributions to our photo competition. The lucky winner in July is Hans-Jürgen Heldt from Germany. He writes the following about his picture: In June 2019 we visited Pintrip no. 135 where we stayed overnight. We liked it very much. It is so peaceful there, and the beautiful surroundings invite you to take a rest. The nice hosts, an elderly couple, were very welcoming and made sure we had a nice stay.

A huge congratulations to Hans-Jürgen with next year’s Pintrip Guide, which we will send in March 2020.

Remember to send your own picture to and write “photo competition” in the headline. Each month one photo will be chosen by us as the monthly winner.

Pintrip on TV and in the Radio
Several of you might have noticed that during the last couple of weeks, we have been both on the TV and in the radio. Therefore, we want to send a special thank you to all the volunteers, who accidentally where at the Pintrip hosts, where we filmed.
If you haven’t seen the TV features yet, then you can see them here (but they are only in Danish).

DR 1 – TV avisen
TV Midt-Vest

All the best summer wishes,


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