Dear Pintrippers,

It is no secret that we were very excited, when the new Pintrip Guide 2020 arrived in the office two weeks ago. Even though Pintrip Guide 2019 is our firstborn and was the start of this journey, we have since listen to you and learned a lot.

Pintrip Guide 2020 is the result of an educational progress, after the hosts, us and not a least Pintrippers last year had their first experiences with Pintrip. They have told us what works and what doesn´t. Therefore the Pintrip Guide 2020 have had a makeover in comparison with Pintrip Guide 2019. It means that in the Pintrip Guide 2020 there are:

  • 252 Pintrip hosts who are ready to welcome you.
  • a good description of each host, so you know what to expect before you arrive.
  • The Pictogram overview at each host shows the facilities on site. The WC-pictogram now means that you have access to the toilet 24 hours a day.
  • many unique local experiences and free overnight stays in Denmark for motorhome tourists.
  • access to the new Pintrip App that shows the different hosts/pitches and as an extra bonus also all the sanisations in Denmark.
  • one-year membership of Pintrip


The Pintrip Guide 2020 begins on the 31st of March, and the membership last a whole year. One year with unique experiences for only 299 DKK. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it is true nevertheless. As soon as you have bought Pintrip Guide 2020, you will have access to all the lovely places in the guide book.

…………….Pssst the longer you have the Pintrip Guide, the more Pintrip hosts you can visit, thus you can have even more experiences. It is now an ideal time to get your own copy of the Pintrip Guide 2020, because then you are ready when the season starts – which also means that you will have a whole year to explore Denmark with Pintrip in your motorhome.

Best regards,


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