Fantastic start of the season!

What a great beginning of the first season with Pintrip.

We are so thankful that the rain and sleet has not kept you from exploring Denmark and trying Pintrip. Furthermore, we are so grateful for the positive feedback and constructive criticism we have received from you, because we want to continue to improve.

We are also thankful for that you understand and acknowledge that this is the very first Pintrip season for all of us: you, us and not least for the hosts, who perhaps never before have had an 8-meter-long motorhome in their small driveway.

We will like to remind you that there are primarily free, private Pintrip pitches in the Pintrip Guide. Many of our hosts run a business that you can experience close with your Pintrip membership. So, it is important to point out that in most cases you cannot expect a specific motorhome parking spot, but often it is a pitch somewhere on the property or perhaps you are allowed to stay in the parking space for the other visitors, who arrive by car.

So, go explore, enjoy the nature and ask our hosts about the experiences that are unique for their area. Focus on the hospitality and the experiences that you get.

Common for our hosts is that everyone of them want to give you the best possible experiences.

Remember that our hosts are different compared to one another, just as all motorhome owners also have different opinions and preferences compared to one another 😊

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Pintrippers 🚐

We have just created the group Pintrippers 🚐 on Facebook. Here everyone can share experiences, recommendations, pictures and tips to other Pintrip travelers. The main language in this group is Danish, but there are also some posts in English.

Become a member of this group and please invite all your motorhome friends to join the group as well.

In the group the topics must be related to Pintrip. Our hosts also have the possibility to share posts about their own events etc.


This group is created especially for the German speaking. Here the main language is German. In this group everyone can also share experiences, recommendations, pictures and tips to other Pintrip travelers.

Please invite your German motorhome friends to this group, because maybe they also want to try Pintrip.

Optimizing the website

As we announced last week there has been some delay in the making of our April newsletter, because we have been optimizing our website.

We have for some time been considering how to make our newsletter more user friendly, because it was becoming too heavy with three different language in each newsletter. The solution has been that you in the future will receive an email with a link that links to the newsletter in respectively Danish, English or German.

Another challenge has been how we in the best possible way can communicate the changes in the Pintrip Guide to you. We cannot avoid changes throughout the season for instance that a host is no longer a part of the guide, or a phone number is changed etc. As a result, these changes will in the future also be available on our website.

Best Regards

Henriette & Peter Rask


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