Nature & Gastronomy on the 2th of November 2019

Seaside Safari is an operator of interesting and educational experiences along the North Sea coastline. In the both rough and beautiful coastal nature an impressive variation of regional-specific experiences exists. With the right guides, those experiences create lasting moments with anyone with even a little interest and admiration for the nature.

Seaside Safari wish to develop a route of experiences along the North Sea coastline. Because it is a route, we focus on campervans, because you as a camper are moveable and have an interest in outdoor adventures.

To test which experiences campers will find interesting, Seaside Safari has chosen to arrange a row of test tours in beautiful, natural surroundings. On November 2nd, the tour has come to Denmark’s first national park – National Park Thy. On the outermost branch of this fascinating nature area a limit number of campers are asked to join us.

You can be one of the lucky ones to join this amazing nature & gastronomy experience in one of Denmark’s most beautiful national parks.


10.00 we will meet by Svaneholmhus on Agger Tange. Here the guide will welcome you and talk about the day’s programme, National Park Thy and the area by Thyborøn Canal. During the morning the participants will help gather the ingredients for a delicious seafood menu.

10.15 the participants will dress in waders and life jackets and we will all go aboard one of Seaside Safari’s boats. The boat will sail out through the labyrinth of sandbanks in the Limfjord and stop by the seal’s habitat. Two species of seals live in the Limfjord – the spotted seal and grey seal. The last-mentioned is Denmark’s biggest predator and the male can reach a weight of 300 kg.

11.00 we are back in the canal between Thyborøn and Agger. Beforehand we have put out traps and creels, which we now need the participants help to empty. With the creels we catch shore crabs, brown crabs and frequently also lobster. We will bring the catch on board and bring it to shore. On the oyster banks we will anchor the boat. In waders we will all go into the water and pick the delicious oysters directly from the cold, clear water of the Limfjord.

12.00 in the boat we will return to Svaneholmhus and get out of waders and life jackets. We will serve a cup of warm coffee, while the guide gathers all of our catches. All of us will now start to prepare lunch of the seafood we have picked and caught from the Limfjord. We will begin with the fresh oysters. The guide will teach you to open them and together we will enjoy them with a glass of bubbles. Oysters from the Limfjord are considered one of the finest delicacies in the world.

Here after we will all help out preparing the additional menu. And here you will also get tips on how to use common tools, things you already have in your campervans, to open oysters or handle the claw of a crab.


  • Oysters on the grill, prepared in 3-4 different ways
  • Crab bisque made with the crabs we have caught
  • Crab claws served on fresh bread
  • Fresh fish from Thyborøn Fish Auction

15.00 the event is ending and we will say goodbye and thank you for joining us.

The standard price for an event of this size incl. lunch and drinks is DKK 995,- per person, but as it is a test tour, the tickets for this event is half price – which means that for one time only you can take part in this special event for DKK 497.

The price for this 5-hour experience includes:

  • Seal safari by boat in the Limfjord
  • Seafood harvest from the boat
  • Oyster safari in National Park Thy
  • 4-course seafood menu incl. drinks

Capacity is maximum 20 participants. Booking is necessary by October 30th at the latest.


  • There is options for parking by Svaneholmhus (Aggervej 35), where you are welcome to stay and enjoy the sunset. Please note, that spending the night at Svaneholmhus is not permitted.
  • Pintrip recommends spending the night at Pintrip-spots in the area. P. 136 in the Pintrip Guide by Thyborøn can fit 10 campervans per night (the last ferry to Thyborøn departs at 18.00).
  • There is toilet facilities in Svaneholmhus
  • To the extent it is possible, we will try to use tables, chairs, plates and cutlery from the campervans.

After the event we would like to ask you questions about the experience. The feedback from the event will determine, how Seaside Safari in the future will arrange events for campers on the West Coast of Denmark.

Best regards

Michael, Seaside Safari

This project is a part of TourismX, Henriette and Peter Rask from Pintrip, Heidi K. Dahl Larsen from DKNT, Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt, SDU and Jens Friis Jensen, RUC will also join us.